Grant program

HBCE welcomes applicants for its Grant Program on sustainable development in culture and education in Ukraine. We are based on the principle that culture and education are fundamental assets of a strong society and essential for change and development, as well as for the growth of Ukraine’s competitiveness. We support bottom-up initiatives with innovative approaches, cross-sector or international cooperation in art, culture and education.


Grants will be awarded once a year for project proposals from organizations inside or outside Ukraine. Funding ranges from 500 EUR to 5,000 EUR and covers 70% of the total project budget.


Applications should be submitted in English. Applications in Ukrainian may be considered with good cause and prior approval from HBCE. Please contact us for more information.

Eligibility criteria

  • Implementation in Ukraine.
  • Bottom-up approach.
  • Focus on education or culture.
  • Propose relevant themes, and new or innovative methodologies.
  • Focus on community development and action.
Application form

The form will be active when the call for applications is announced

Grants competition results 2017

Center of Art and Culture Development “Dream Projects”

International workshop “Mediation in the context of visual communication in the urban environment”

International workshop “Mediation in the context of visual communication in the urban environment”. International workshop “Mediation in the context of visual communication in the urban environment”

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Charitable Foundation “The Depths of Art” (Dofa fund)

Multidisciplinary two-week cultural forum in Uzhgorod “SlobodaKult”

Center for Innovative Education "Pro.Svit"

Learning platform for teenagers, teachers and educators “IdeaHub”

Centre for Independent Theatre "Scene 6"

“‘Bad Roads’ – production of a theatre play about women in the war in Eastern Ukraine”

Cultural Project


Vedel School

“Music for Kids”


“Film School Project”

Call Closed

The next call will be announced in 2018


Harald Binder
Bozhena Zakaliuzhna
Iryna Starovoyt
Vasyl Kosiv

Projects Implementation

January 1, 2018 – October 1, 2018

The transparency statements

Fairness and transparency are highly valued by the HBCE Grant Program. All applicants have an equal right to participate in the competition, assuming the eligibility criteria are met.


All applications will be evaluated, and winning projects selected by an expert jury. The jury composition, including the HBCE founder and director, will be announced after the application deadline. Applicants will be notified personally of the results by e-mail, and winning projects will be published on our website once selected. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed.


  • Suggest innovative, inclusive, interactive and participatory practices
  • Foster creative and critical thinking
  • Build on multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Develop international partnerships


  • Publicize project activities in media and social media
  • Mention HBCE as co-financing organization of the project
  • Use the HBCE logo where appropriate (printed items, website, posters, etc.)
  • Implement the project within the timeframe of the grant, and send the report by the specified deadline
  • Allow HBCE to publish photos and short descriptions of the project on its website


After the project is finished a final report should be sent to HBCE within the defined timeframe. The report is comprised of a short report form, confirmation of expenses according to budget items (bills, tickets ets), samples of printed items, lists of media coverage and advertising, and photos and videos from project events. The reporting details will be sent individually to the beneficiaries of the Grant Program.


The HBCE Grant Program may cover up to 70% of the total budget of the project. Please note that there are some non-eligible costs ,including purchase of equipment, office rent and utilities, debt and debt service charges, and double costs (expenses covered by another program). Some exceptions may be allowed by individual request.


The total amount granted by HBCE is transferred in two parts.The first transfer will be delivered before the project implementation. The second transfer will be delivered after receiving the final report.


All applicants must submit a completed budget form. You can donwload the excel file below, and attach it to the application form.

Example of budget.xls
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