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  • 3Budget

Name of the project (in ENG and UKR)

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Location of the organisation (country, region, city/town/village)

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project manager

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  • General information
  • 2About project
  • 3Budget

The aim of the project10000

Short description of the project10000

Location of the project implementation (place, city/town/ village)

Outline of project implementation

Target audience and beneficiaries of the project

Expected results of the project10000

Evaluation criteria for the project10000

Partners of the project

Duration of the project and the dates of main activities

  • General information
  • About project
  • 3Budget

70% of the total expenses could be covered. The budget form is an obligatory part of the project which needs to be sent together with the application form.


There are some non-eligible costs as purchase of equipment, construction, repair and other infrastructural works, office rent and utilities, debt and debt service charges and double costs (expenses covered by other sources).

Budget form

All applicants must submit a completed budget form according to the sample below. You should download the file "Budget form.excel" below, fill it in and attach to the application form.

Budget form.xls
15 KB

You can also download an example of a budget form.

Example of a budget form.xls
21 KB

budget file